Complications that can Occur After Hernia Surgery

Woman having stomach pain
Woman having stomach pain, laying down on couch.

When fatty tissue squeezes through a weak spot, a hernia occurs. Massive pain during a hernia is very common. Though in most of the cases, doctors suggest operating it but in most of the cases, it fails to offer the desired solution.  To support the surrounding tissue and lower the possibilities of a hernia recurrence, a mesh-like device, called hernia mesh is implanted in the body.

In most of the cases, the patients suffer from pain after hernia surgery. The medical device is made of polypropylene – a synthetic plastic. Due to the low-quality of the device or for the wrong procedure during the surgery, patients generally, suffer from pain. Other complications also include adhesion, bowel obstruction, migration, bowel perforation and many more. As your body is not able to cope up with the device, these kinds of complications occur.


It is the duty of the manufacturing company to make patients and doctors aware of the ill-effects as they have not taken such initiatives, you can take a step against them by filing a lawsuit. If you are worried who will take the legal responsibility, hire experienced professionals.

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