3 Hernia Mesh Complications You Should Worry About

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for issuing recalls on medical devices when they believe and have ample evidences on how the products caused injuries to the patients. There have been thousands of reports stating how the hernia mesh devices presented a risk of injury to the patients.

Hernia surgery is a common procedure which nowadays is generally completed laparoscopically. The process of repairing a hernia is to ensure the damaged or weakened abdominal tissue is repaired and put back through a proper support to prevent future complications. However, the process has caused hernia mesh complications that led to filing of lawsuits.

What are the complications?

During hernia repair surgery, the mesh is put in place to act as a second layer of support which will help to strengthen the abdominal wall. Unfortunately, the defective meshes can cause huge health issues that can only be cured through revision surgery, which is a much painful and time consuming procedure.

  • Inflammation

One of the most common hernia mesh complications is inflammation which can create abdominal pain and tenderness. It promotes tissue growth in and around the mesh and might go way with time but if it stays, can make everyday life difficult and painful.

  • Adhesion

The broken mesh from a faulty device can stick to the intestinal parts and cause complication in absorption. Delayed absorption from inflammation or foreign bodies leads to infection, pain and other hernia mesh complications.

  • Fistula

It is often considered the most serious complication in a defective mesh implant. It gives rise to persistent pain, skin irritation, unnecessary discharge of blood, and difficulty in bowel movement.

Used in various capacities, the use of hernia meshes has become a growing concern in the medical industry. With thousands of complications reported by the patients, it has become imperative for the FDA to look into the matter with grave seriousness. If you are one of the victims of a faulty mesh implant, do not hesitate to get in touch with the expert team of herniamesh.net. Visit http://herniamesh.net/ or dial 855-817-3922 to get a free evaluation on whether you would be eligible for financial compensation.


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