Complications Associated With Hernia Mesh Procedure

Each year, more than 800,000 hernia repairs are performed in the U.S. And, unfortunately, more than 50,000+ lawsuits are filed against the hernia mesh procedures. In fact, the number of complaints continues to rise against the mesh makers. So, if you want to speak up against the undue injuries faced by the surgical meshes, get in touch with some experienced attorneys who can help you fight in product liability case.

hernia mesh procedure - surgery

What is hernia?

Hernia mesh is a medical device used to repair or patch hernias. Depending on the surgical technique and type of mesh used, the side effects and health hazards following any hernia repair surgery may differ.

When a person’s organ, intestine or fatty tissue, pushes through an opening or weak area, what results is a hernia. Abdominal hernias are most common and are typically associated with great pain and strain to the individual.

The FDA noted the following surgical meshes to be reported with the most number of complications and ordered for recall:

  • Atrium C-Qur Mesh
  • Johnson and Johnson Ethicon Proceed Mesh
  • Johnson and Johnson Ethicon PhysioMesh Composite Mesh
  • Covidien Parietex Composite Mesh
  • Covidien ProGrip Mesh
  • Bard Ventralight ST
  • Bard Ventralex ST


Some of the most significant injuries reported after hernia mesh procedure and in the hernia mesh lawsuits, include:

  • Adhesions: it can lead to digestive problems, chronic pain, bowel obstruction and infertility
  • Infection: deep bacterial infections neighboring the surgical site can need further surgical intervention
  • Perforation: when the mesh erodes through the tissues and punctures them, it can result in peritonitis and sepsis
  • Obstruction: blockage of the small or large intestines can constrict blood flow and eventually fatal complications
  • Mesh migration: Mesh devices can spontaneously detach after surgery leading to fistulas and raising the risk of organ perforation
  • Hernia recurrence: is a common complication that generally needs a secondary surgery

Are you one of the many thousand victims who suffered from the complications of hernia mesh implant? Get in touch with the team of to get a free and confidential legal consultation.


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